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Figure 3

From: Reliability of the nitrogen washin-washout technique to assess end-expiratory lung volume at variable PEEP and tidal volumes

Figure 3

Bias and limits of agreement between EELV CT and EELV WI-WO , using Bland and Altman representation. Each symbol represents a concomitant measurement of EELVWI-WO and EELVCT. Horizontal continuous line and horizontal broken lines are the mean bias and 95% prediction interval limits of the bias between EELVWI-WO and EELVCT, respectively. EELVWI-WO, end-expiratory lung volume assessed with the nitrogen washin-washout technique; EELVCT, end-expiratory lung volume assessed by computed tomography; 95% p.i., 95% prediction interval of the bias between EELVWI-WO and EELVCT.

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