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Table 2 Student feedback questionnaire part 1

From: Usefulness of a mobile application in undergraduate critical care teaching

POSITIVE STATEMENTS No. of replies Median Score IQR
It is easy to use the application to find the information that I need 165 4 4-4
The Shock audio guide is a useful concise guide to the initial management 124 4 3-4
The guidelines provide comprehensive coverage of the important factual information required for the immediate care of critically ill patients 161 4 4-4
The emergency epinephrine dosages are easily accessible and the application helped me remember the right dose for different situations 165 4 2-5
The acid-base calculators helped reinforce the method for diagnosing complex acid base guidelines 157 4 3-4
The content of the application as a whole will be useful once I start working as a doctor 164 4 4-4.3