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Figure 1

From: Raxibacumab augments hemodynamic support and improves outcomes during shock with B. anthracis edema toxin alone or together with lethal toxin in canines

Figure 1

Survival Times and the proportion of animals surviving over time. This figure shows the individual survival times for each of the animals assigned to no treatment (maintenance fluid only), hemodynamic support alone (HS; fluids and norepinephrine titrated to pulmonary artery wedge pressure and mean arterial blood pressure, respectively), or HS combined with raxibacumab administered at the start of (HS + mAbT0) or 6 h (HS + mAbT6) or 12 h (HS + mAbT12) after the start of edema toxin (ET) infusion in each of the ten weekly experiments comprising Study 1 (A) (see Methods). This figure also shows the proportion of animals surviving over time in experiments 1 to 6 (B), 7 to 10 (C), and for all ten experiments together (D). In experiment 3, an animal randomized to receive HS + mAbT12 received HS + mAbT0 instead.

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