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Table 4 MEMFIT results modeling excitability parameters for ICU controls and CIP patients

From: Critical illness polyneuropathy in ICU patients is related to reduced motor nerve excitability caused by reduced sodium permeability

  ICU controls (%) CIP patients (%)
P Na p (%) (percent of persistent Na) 51.87 80.4
P Na N (nodal sodium permeability) 46.37 72.49
G Kf l (internodal fast K conductance) 65.89 74.217
G Kf N (nodal fast K conductance) 57.71 73.52
G Ks N (nodal slow K conductance) 51.56 53.2
I pump NI (pump currents) 31.07 11.6
  1. MEMFIT results modeling ICU controls and CIP patients excitability parameters showing discrepancy in percentage for sodium and potassium currents between healthy controls and ICU controls as well as healthy controls and CIP patients (please notice that in the modeling model, only the primary change is reliable)