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Table 1 Balloon material and dimension characteristics

From: Optimal esophageal balloon volume for accurate estimation of pleural pressure at end-expiration and end-inspiration: an in vitro bench experiment

  Cooper SmartCath-G Microtek
Balloon material Polyethylene Polyethylene Latex
Length of the balloon (mm) 92.5 109.3 105.2
Diameter of the balloon (mm) 6.3 10.4 9.7
Geometric volume of the balloona (ml) 2.8 5.3 7.5
Recommended inflating volume (ml) 1.0–2.0 0.5–2.5 Not available
  1. aGeometric volume of the balloon was calculated by the length and diameter of the balloon, using the capsule body as approximation. Because the feeding tube passed through the inner space of the balloon in SmartCath-G catheter, this volume was deducted in the calculation of balloon geometric volume in this type of catheter