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Table 1 Characteristics of investigated blood purification devices

From: In vitro comparison of the adsorption of inflammatory mediators by blood purification devices

Device Membrane material Structure Sterilization mode
oXiris (Baxter) Copolymer of AN69-coated with PEI and unfractionated heparin Hollow fiber, symmetric EtO
Toraymyxin (Toray Industries) PS-based composite woven fiber with immobilized polymyxin B Woven fibers Steam
CytoSorb (CytoSorbents) PSDVB copolymer beads, which are highly porous and covered with PVP Microporous beads Gamma Irradiation
  1. Abbreviations: AN69 acrylonitrile and methalylsulfonate, EtO ethylene oxide, PEI polyethylenimine, PSDVB polystyrene divinylbenzene, PS polystyrene, PVP polyvinylpyrrolidone