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Table 2 Modified M-CASS scoring system for monitoring of surrogate endpoints and assessment of disease severity in mouse CLP sepsis, adapted from Huet et al. [5]

From: Body temperature and mouse scoring systems as surrogate markers of death in cecal ligation and puncture sepsis

Mouse Clinical Assessment Score for Sepsis (M-CASS)
Score 0 1 2 3
Fur aspect Normal coat Slightly ruffled fur Ruffled fur Ruffled fur and piloerection
Activity Normal Reduced Only when provoked Little or none with provocation
Posture Normal Hunched, moving freely Hunched, strained or stiff movement Hunched, little or no movement
Behavior Normal Slow Abnormal when disturbed or provoked Abnormal, no relocation
Chest movements Normal Mild dyspnea Moderate dyspnea Severe dyspnea
Eyelids Normal, open Opened when disturbed Partially closed, even when disturbed Mostly or completely closed, even when provoked