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Table 3 Combined recommendations and considerations from the working groups (WG) 5 and 6

From: Minimum quality threshold in pre-clinical sepsis studies (MQTiPSS): an international expert consensus initiative for improvement of animal modeling in sepsis

Fluid Resuscitation (WG-5) 14. Fluid resuscitation is essential unless part of the study R
15. Administer fluid resuscitation based on the specific requirements of the model
16. Consider the specific sepsis model for the timing of the start and continuation for fluid resuscitation
17. Resuscitation is recommended by the application of iso-osmolar crystalloid solutions
g. Consider using pre-defined endpoints for fluid resuscitation as deemed necessary C
h. Avoid fluid overload
Antimicrobial Therapy (WG-6) 18. Antimicrobials are recommended for pre-clinical studies assessing potential human therapeutics R
19. Antimicrobials should be chosen based on the model and likely/known pathogen
20. Administration of antimicrobials should mimic clinical practice
i. Antimicrobials should be initiated after sepsis is established C
  1. R recommendation strength, C consideration strength