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Table 2 Transfusion

From: Use of a high platelet-to-RBC ratio of 2:1 is more effective in correcting trauma-induced coagulopathy than a ratio of 1:1 in a rat multiple trauma transfusion model

 Standard PLT doseHigh PLT dosep value
Hemorrhaged (ml)8.0 (8.0–9.0)8.0 (8.0–9.5)0.870
Hemorrhaged per kg bodyweight (mL/kg)21.6 (20.1–24.1)21.4 (20.1–24.9)1.000
Time until MAP > 60 mmHg was reached (min)54 (18–160)19 (7–33)0.054
Transfusion needed to reach MAP > 60 mmHg (mL)7.2 (2.4–10.0)2.5 (1.0–4.3)0.054
Total volume transfused (mL)10 (10–10)10 (10–10)0.690
  1. Data are presented as median (IQR)
  2. PLT platelet transfusion, MAP mean arterial pressure