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Table 1 Important experimental time points

From: Impact of intensive care unit supportive care on the physiology of Ebola virus disease in a universally lethal non-human primate model

Time pointNHP1NHP2NHP3NHP4AverageStandard deviation
Onset of compensated shock101115115116111.87.2
Onset of decompensated shock1351471321461407.6
Start of fluid resuscitation135131130134132.52.4
Start of the first vasoactive agent141.5144140159146.18.7
Average urine output (mL/kg/h)
Start of the second vasoactive agent143162153172157.512.4
Blood transfusion145149148145146.82.1
Onset of fever123102Remained afebrile121115.311.6
Onset of viremia120*1048010010116.5
Time to terminal endpoint150166164186166.514.8
  1. *Viral load was performed once daily for this animal, leading to probably late detection; see Fig. 3