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Table 4 Detailed characteristics of ECMO support

From: Heart failure supported by veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO): a systematic review of pre-clinical models

Study ECMO type ECMO equipment ECMO settings
Configuration Cannulation Technique Positioncheck§ Pump Oxygenator Canula size (Fr) Flow ACT target (s)
Sakamoto et al. Peripheral Vjr-Afr ND No CBBPX-80 CX-RX15W ND Controlled* ND
Kawashima et al. Combination RA-Afr ND No Capiox SP-101 ND 28-10 1.5 ± 0.42 L/min ND
Yu et al. Combination RA-Af ND No Bio-Source TM200 or T-PLS ND 21-17 75 mL/kg/min 400-500
Segesser et al. Combination Vf and P – ACAR N/A N/A ND ND ND 2.5 to 5.6 L/min > 480
Møller-Helgestad et al. Peripheral Vfr-Afl Percutaneous N/A ND ND ND 3.2 to 4.6 L/min ND
Ostadal et al. Peripheral Vf-Af Percutaneous Yes Xenios i-cor Xenios AG 21-18 Controlled* 200-250
Simonsen et al. Peripheral Vjr-Afr Surgical N/A Prototype Maquet Quadrox D 21-15 3500 rpm ND
Janak et al. Peripheral Vfl-Afl Percutaneous No Levitronix Centrimag QUADROX 23-18 Controlled* 210-290
Vanhuyse et al. Peripheral Vf-Af Percutaneous No Medtronic Maquet 21-15 ND 180-250
Esposito et al. Peripheral Vfr-Afr ND No TandemHeart ND 21-17 Controlled* 300-400
Hala et al. Peripheral Vf-Af Percutaneous Yes Levitronix Centrimag Maquet Quadrox i 23-18 Controlled* 200-300
Itoh et al. Central RA-AO N/A N/A HPM-15 ExceLung-prime 16-10 140 mL/kg/min 160-200
Ostadal et al. Peripheral Vf-Af Percutaneous Yes Levitronix Centrimag Maquet Quadrox i 21-15 Controlled* 180-250
Brehm et al. Peripheral Vfr-Afr Surgical No Levitronix Centrimag Maquet Quadrox D 17-19 Controlled* ND
Kajimoto et al. Central RA-AO N/A N/A Sarns 8000 CX-RX05RW ND 80-100 mL/kg/min ND
Zhu et al. Peripheral Vfr-Afr Surgical No Biomedicus 550 ND 14-12 ND 180-220
Bartoli et al. Peripheral Vjr-AAO$ Surgical N/A Not reported Capiox SX-10 10 to14-18 to 20 0.6-1.16 L/min > 300
Sauren et al. Combination Vfl-AO N/A N/A MEDOS DP1 Polystan Safe Maxi Adult 21-18 to 21 2.8 ± 0.9 L/min > 480
Peripheral Vfl-Afl ND No
Naito et al. Peripheral Vj-AAO$ ND N/A EVAHEART Biocube 6000 29-21 1.5 ± 0.1 L/min ND
  1. Brands used for ECMO consoles, pumps and oxygenators (alphabetically): TandemHeart (Cardiac Assist Inc, USA); QUADROX-i Adult, QUADROX-D and Polystan Safe Maxi Adult (Maquet Cardiopulmonary, Germany); MEDOS DP1 (MEDOS, Germany); Medtronic 550 (Medtronic Inc, USA); HPM-15 and ExceLung-prime (MERA, Japan); T-PLS (Twin-Pulse Life Support, SL-1000, New-heartbio Co., Korea); Biocube 6000 (NIPRO, Japan); EVAHEART (Sun Medical Technology Research Corp, Japan); Sarns 8000, CX-RX05RW, CX-RX15W and CAPIOX SX 10 Oxygenator (Terumo, Japan); Levitronix Centrimag (Thoratec, USA); i-cor and Xenios AG (Xenios AG, Germany)
  2. ACT activated clotting time; Af femoral artery; Afl left fermoral artery; Afr right fermoral artery; AO aorta; asc. ascending; ar right atrium (in case of percutaneous cannulation); CAR carotid artery; ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; P pulmonary artery; RA right atrium (in case of central cannulation); rpm rotation per minutes: Vf femoral vein; Vfl left femoral vein; Vfr right femoral vein; Vj jugular vein; Vjl left jugular vein; Vjr right jugular vein
  3. $Arterial canula was inserted surgically directly into the abdominal aorta through a graft
  4. §For peripheral canulation, was fluoroscopy or echocardiography used to confirm position of the tip of the canula(s)
  5. *ECMO blood flow was a controlled parameter of the experiment