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Table 2 Cellular lineages and characteristic surface markers of frequent circulating and urinary EVs

From: Extracellular vesicles as regulators of kidney function and disease

Compartment EV population Parent cell EV surface markers
Blood EC-EVs Endothelial cells CD31, CD34, CD62E, CD105, CD106, CD142, CD144, CD146
▪ B-EVs
▪ Mo-EVs
- Nφ-EVs
▪ T-EVs
▪ B lymphocytes
▪ monocytes
▪ granulocytes
- neutrophils
▪ T lymphocytes
CD11a, CD18, CD45
▪ CD19, CD20
▪ CD14, CD16, CD33, CD64, CD142
▪ CD11b, CD15
- CD16, CD66b
▪ CD3, CD4, CD8
plt-EVs Platelets CD31, CD41a, CD42a, CD42b, CD61, CD62P
RBC-EVs Erythrocytes CD35, CD235a, CD235b
Urine Pod-EVs Podocytes KIRREL (NEPH1), Nephrin, Podocalyxin, Podocin (NEPH2)
TEC-EVs Tubular epithelial cells Aquaporin 1 (AQP1), CD10, CD13, Uromodulin (Tamm Horsfall Glykoprotein)
CDEC-EVs Collecting duct epithelial cells Aquaporin 2 (AQP2)