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Fig. 2

From: Mechanical ventilation preserves diaphragm mitochondrial function in a rat sepsis model

Fig. 2

taken from force–frequency analysis in diaphragm strips from sepsis, control, MV-control and MV-sepsis (a). Data are means ± SEM from 4 animals per group. p < 0.05 sepsis versus MV-control; Number of contraction to reduce force to 60% of initial isometric force when isolated diaphragm strips underwent a fatiguing stimulation protocol (30 Hz for 350 ms every 2 s for 5 min) (b). Data are means ± SEM from 4 animals per group. *p < 0.05 sepsis versus control; p < 0.05 sepsis versus MV-control; £p < 0.05 MV-sepsis versus sepsis, for 4 animals per group

Diaphragm isometric force and diaphragm fatigue. Isometric force at 70 Hz stimulation

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