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Intra-cellular lactate concentration in T lymphocytes from septic shock patients — a pilot study
Thibaut Girardot, Thomas Rimmelé, Guillaume Monneret, Julien Textoris and Fabienne Venet
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2018 6:5
Published on: 5 February 2018

Esmolol indirectly stimulates vagal nerve activity in endotoxemic pigs
Jerome Aboab, Louis Mayaud, Veronique Sebille, Rodrigo de Oliveira, Merce Jourdain and Djillali Annane
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2018 6:14
Published on: 4 July 2018

The endotoxin-induced pulmonary inflammatory response is enhanced during the acute phase of influenza infection
R. M. Koch, D. A. Diavatopoulos, G. Ferwerda, P. Pickkers, M. I. de Jonge and M. Kox
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2018 6:15
Published on: 5 July 2018

Body temperature and mouse scoring systems as surrogate markers of death in cecal ligation and puncture sepsis
Safiah H. C. Mai, Neha Sharma, Andrew C. Kwong, Dhruva J. Dwivedi, Momina Khan, Peter M. Grin, Alison E. Fox-Robichaud and Patricia C. Liaw
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2018 6:20
Published on: 27 July 2018

Clinical-grade mesenchymal stem cells derived from umbilical cord improve septic shock in pigs
Caroline Laroye, Jérémie Lemarié, Amir Boufenzer, Pierre Labroca, Lisiane Cunat, Corentine Alauzet, Frédérique Groubatch, Clémence Cailac, Lucie Jolly, Danièle Bensoussan, Loïc Reppel and Sébastien Gibot
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2018 6:24
Published on: 8 August 2018

Minimum quality threshold in pre-clinical sepsis studies (MQTiPSS): an international expert consensus initiative for improvement of animal modeling in sepsis
Marcin F. Osuchowski, Alfred Ayala, Soheyl Bahrami, Michael Bauer, Mihaly Boros, Jean-Marc Cavaillon, Irshad H. Chaudry, Craig M. Coopersmith, Clifford Deutschman, Susanne Drechsler, Philip Efron, Claes Frostell, Gerhard Fritsch, Waldemar Gozdzik, Judith Hellman, Markus Huber-Lang, Shigeaki Inoue, Sylvia Knapp, Andrey V. Kozlov, Claude Libert, John C. Marshall, Lyle L. Moldawer, Peter Radermacher, Heinz Redl, Daniel G. Remick, Mervyn Singer, Christoph Thiemermann, Ping Wang, W. Joost Wiersinga, Xianzhong Xiao and Basilia Zingarelli
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2018 6:26
Published on: 14 August 2018

Heart rate elevations during early sepsis predict death in fluid-resuscitated rats with fecal peritonitis
Alain Rudiger, Victor Jeger, Mattia Arrigo, Christian A. Schaer, Florian F. Hildenbrand, Margarete Arras, Burkhardt Seifert, Mervyn Singer, Gabriele Schoedon, Donat R. Spahn and Dominique Bettex
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2018 6:28
Published on: 20 August 2018

Time course of liver mitochondrial function and intrinsic changes in oxidative phosphorylation in a rat model of sepsis
Pierre Eyenga, Damien Roussel, Jerome Morel, Benjamin Rey, Caroline Romestaing, Virginie Gueguen-Chaignon, Shey-Shing Sheu and Jean Paul Viale
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2018 6:31
Published on: 5 September 2018


Neuroprotective effects of intravenous immunoglobulin are mediated through inhibition of complement activation and apoptosis in a rat model of sepsis
Figen Esen, Gunseli Orhun, Perihan Ergin Ozcan, Evren Senturk, Melike Kucukerden, Murat Giris, Ugur Akcan, Canan Ugur Yilmaz, Nurcan Orhan, Nadir Arican, Mehmet Kaya, Sema Bilgic Gazioglu and Erdem Tuzun
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:1
Published on: 5 January 2017

Soluble Toll-like receptor 2 is a biomarker for sepsis in critically ill patients with multi-organ failure within 12 h of ICU admission
Benjamin Holst, Tamas Szakmany, Anne-Catherine Raby, Vincent Hamlyn, Kimberley Durno, Judith E. Hall and Mario O. Labéta
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:2
Published on: 13 January 2017

The impact of hydrocortisone treatment on neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin release in porcine endotoxemic shock
E. Söderberg, M. Eriksson, A. Larsson and M. Lipcsey
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:4
Published on: 19 January 2017

Resuscitation fluid composition affects hepatic inflammation in a murine model of early sepsis
Amanda L. Patrick, Peter M. Grin, Nicole Kraus, Michelle Gold, Matthew Berardocco, Patricia C. Liaw, Alison E. Fox-Robichaud and on behalf of the Canadian Critical Care Translational Biology Group
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:5
Published on: 19 January 2017

Baseline thrombospondin-1 concentrations are not associated with mortality in septic patients: a single-center cohort study on the intensive care unit
Ruben J. van der Wekken, Hans Kemperman, Mark Roest and Dylan W. de Lange
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:7
Published on: 25 January 2017

Increased glucocorticoid receptor expression in sepsis is related to heat shock proteins, cytokines, and cortisol and is associated with increased mortality
Konstantinos Vardas, Stavroula Ilia, Amalia Sertedaki, Evangelia Charmandari, Efrossini Briassouli, Dimitris Goukos, Kleovoulos Apostolou, Katerina Psarra, Efthimia Botoula, Stylianos Tsagarakis, Eleni Magira, Christina Routsi, Constantine A. Stratakis, Serafim Nanas and George Briassoulis
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:10
Published on: 21 February 2017

Extracellular superoxide dismutase is necessary to maintain renal blood flow during sepsis development
Larissa Constantino, Letícia Selinger Galant, Francieli Vuolo, Karla Lorena Guarido, Luiza Wilges Kist, Giovanna Medeiros Tavares de Oliveira, Matheus Augusto de Bittencourt Pasquali, Cláudio Teodoro de Souza, José Eduardo da Silva-Santos, Maurício Reis Bogo, José Cláudio Fonseca Moreira, Cristiane Ritter and Felipe Dal-Pizzol
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:15
Published on: 16 March 2017

Cardiovascular disease and resuscitated septic shock lead to the downregulation of the H2S-producing enzyme cystathionine-γ-lyase in the porcine coronary artery
Tamara Merz, Tatjana Stenzel, Benedikt Nußbaum, Martin Wepler, Csaba Szabo, Rui Wang, Peter Radermacher and Oscar McCook
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:17
Published on: 21 March 2017

Granulocyte and monocyte adsorptive apheresis ameliorates sepsis in rats
Shuai Ma, Qingqing Xu, Bo Deng, Yin Zheng, Hongyan Tian, Li Wang and Feng Ding
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:18
Published on: 24 March 2017

Myocardial oxidative stress correlates with left ventricular dysfunction on strain echocardiography in a rodent model of sepsis
Bereketeab Haileselassie, Erik Su, Iraklis Pozios, Diego F. Niño, Hongyun Liu, Dai-Yin Lu, Ioannis Ventoulis, William B. Fulton, Chhinder P. Sodhi, David Hackam, Brian O’Rourke and Theodore Abraham
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:21
Published on: 12 April 2017

Improving animal welfare using continuous nalbuphine infusion in a long-term rat model of sepsis
Victor Jeger, Mattia Arrigo, Florian F. Hildenbrand, Daniel Müller, Paulin Jirkof, Till Hauffe, Burkhardt Seifert, Margarete Arras, Donat R. Spahn, Dominique Bettex and Alain Rudiger
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:23
Published on: 20 April 2017

Impact of hyperglycemia on cystathionine-γ-lyase expression during resuscitated murine septic shock
Tamara Merz, Josef A. Vogt, Ulrich Wachter, Enrico Calzia, Csaba Szabo, Rui Wang, Peter Radermacher and Oscar McCook
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:30
Published on: 14 June 2017

Evaluation of an ADVanced Organ Support (ADVOS) system in a two-hit porcine model of liver failure plus endotoxemia
Ahmed Al-Chalabi, Edouard Matevossian, Anne von Thaden, Catherine Schreiber, Peter Radermacher, Wolfgang Huber, Aritz Perez Ruiz de Garibay and Bernhard Kreymann
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:31
Published on: 4 July 2017

Sepsis prediction in critically ill patients by platelet activation markers on ICU admission: a prospective pilot study
Nathalie Layios, Céline Delierneux, Alexandre Hego, Justine Huart, Christian Gosset, Christelle Lecut, Nathalie Maes, Pierre Geurts, Arnaud Joly, Patrizio Lancellotti, Adelin Albert, Pierre Damas, André Gothot and Cécile Oury
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:32
Published on: 12 July 2017

Hemoadsorption corrects hyperresistinemia and restores anti-bacterial neutrophil function
Anthony Bonavia, Lauren Miller, John A. Kellum and Kai Singbartl
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:36
Published on: 4 August 2017

Automated bedside flow cytometer for mHLA-DR expression measurement: a comparison study with reference protocol
Mehdi Zouiouich, Morgane Gossez, Fabienne Venet, Thomas Rimmelé and Guillaume Monneret
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:39
Published on: 30 August 2017

Myeloperoxidase can differentiate between sepsis and non-infectious SIRS and predicts mortality in intensive care patients with SIRS
Irene T. Schrijver, Hans Kemperman, Mark Roest, Jozef Kesecioglu and Dylan W. de Lange
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:43
Published on: 15 September 2017

Assessment of immune organ dysfunction in critical illness: utility of innate immune response markers
Carmen Andrea Pfortmueller, Christian Meisel, Michaela Fux and Joerg C. Schefold
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:49
Published on: 23 October 2017

Effect of Ringer’s acetate in different doses on plasma volume in rat models of hypovolemia
Svajunas Statkevicius, Attila Frigyesi and Peter Bentzer
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2017 5:50
Published on: 26 October 2017


Cost of surviving sepsis: a novel model of recovery from sepsis in Drosophila melanogaster
Ata Murat Kaynar, Veli Bakalov, Silvia Martinez Laverde, Amélie I. F. Cambriel, Byoung-Hoon Lee, Atif Towheed, Alyssa D. Gregory, Steven A. R. Webb, Michael J. Palladino, Fernando A. Bozza, Steven D. Shapiro and Derek C. Angus
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:4
Published on: 21 January 2016

Modulation of monocytes in septic patients: preserved phagocytic activity, increased ROS and NO generation, and decreased production of inflammatory cytokines
Sidnéia S. Santos, Amanda M. Carmo, Milena K. C. Brunialti, Flavia R. Machado, Luciano C. Azevedo, Murillo Assunção, Sílvia C. Trevelin, Fernando Q. Cunha and Reinaldo Salomao
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:5
Published on: 16 February 2016

Cross-species validation of cell cycle arrest markers for acute kidney injury in the rat during sepsis
Zhi-Yong Peng, Feihu Zhou and John A. Kellum
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:12
Published on: 31 May 2016

Left ventricular function during porcine-resuscitated septic shock with pre-existing atherosclerosis
Benedikt L. Nußbaum, Oscar McCook, Clair Hartmann, José Matallo, Martin Wepler, Elena Antonucci, Miriam Kalbitz, Markus Huber-Lang, Michael Georgieff, Enrico Calzia, Peter Radermacher and Sebastian Hafner Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:14
Published on: 6 June 2016

The effect of plasma from septic ICU patients on healthy rat muscle mitochondria
Jonathan Grip, Towe Jakobsson, Nicolas Tardif and Olav Rooyackers
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:20
Published on: 7 July 2016

Sepsis modeling in mice: ligation length is a major severity factor in cecal ligation and puncture
Stéphanie Ruiz, Fanny Vardon-Bounes, Virginie Merlet-Dupuy, Jean-Marie Conil, Marie Buléon, Olivier Fourcade, Ivan Tack and Vincent Minville
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:22
Published on: 18 July 2016

Endothelial bioreactor system ameliorates multiple organ dysfunction in septic rats
Shuai Ma, Yuli Lin, Bo Deng, Yin Zheng, Chuanming Hao, Rui He and Feng Ding
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:23
Published on: 22 July 2016

Gentisic acid sodium salt, a phenolic compound, is superior to norepinephrine in reversing cardiovascular collapse, hepatic mitochondrial dysfunction and lactic acidemia in Pseudomonas aeruginosa septic shock in dogs
Steven Mink, Subir K. Roy Chowdhury, Jose Gotes, Zhao-Qin Cheng, Krika Kasian and Paul Fernyhough
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:24
Published on: 26 July 2016

Effects of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) supplementation in resuscitation fluids on renal microcirculatory oxygenation, inflammation, and function in a rat model of endotoxemia
Bulent Ergin, Philippe Guerci, Lara Zafrani, Frank Nocken, Asli Kandil, Ebru Gurel-Gurevin, Cihan Demirci-Tansel and Can Ince
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:29
Published on: 26 September 2016

Plasmadiafiltration ameliorating gut mucosal barrier dysfunction and improving survival in porcine sepsis models
Ming Xin Li, Jun Feng Liu, Jian Da Lu, Ying Zhu, Ding Wei Kuang, Jian Bing Xiang, Peng Sun, Wei Wang, Jun Xue, Yong Gu and Chuan Ming Hao
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:31
Published on: 29 September 2016

Heparin-binding protein is important for vascular leak in sepsis
Peter Bentzer, Jane Fisher, HyeJin Julia Kong, Mattias Mörgelin, John H. Boyd, Keith R. Walley, James A. Russell and Adam Linder
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:33
Published on: 4 October 2016

Critical role of endogenous histamine in promoting end-organ tissue injury in sepsis
Mizuki Hattori, Mitsuaki Yamazaki, Wakana Ohashi, Satoshi Tanaka, Kohshi Hattori, Kenichiro Todoroki, Toshio Fujimori, Hiroshi Ohtsu, Naoyuki Matsuda and Yuichi Hattori
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:36
Published on: 8 November 2016

Effects of volume resuscitation on the microcirculation in animal models of lipopolysaccharide sepsis: a systematic review
Nchafatso G. Obonyo, Jonathon P. Fanning, Angela S. Y. Ng, Leticia P. Pimenta, Kiran Shekar, David G. Platts, Kathryn Maitland and John F. Fraser
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2016 4:38
Published on: 21 November 2016


Sepsis protects the myocardium and other organs from subsequent ischaemic/reperfusion injury via a MAPK-dependent mechanism
Criona M Walshe, John G Laffey, Leo Kevin and Daniel O’Toole
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2015 3:1
Published on: 31 January 2015

Calcium desensitisation in late polymicrobial sepsis is associated with loss of vasopressor sensitivity in a murine model
Benjamin AJ Reddi, John F Beltrame, Richard L Young and David P Wilson
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2015 3:2
Published on: 31 January 2015

Attenuated platelet aggregation in patients with septic shock is independent from the activity state of myosin light chain phosphorylation or a reduction in Rho kinase-dependent inhibition of myosin light chain phosphatase
Benjamin AJ Reddi, Samantha M Iannella, Stephanie N O’Connor, Adam M Deane, Scott R Willoughby and David P Wilson
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2015 3:5
Published on: 12 February 2015

Why do they die? Comparison of selected aspects of organ injury and dysfunction in mice surviving and dying in acute abdominal sepsis
Susanne Drechsler, Katrin M Weixelbaumer, Adelheid Weidinger, Pierre Raeven, Anna Khadem, Heinz Redl, Martijn van Griensven, Soheyl Bahrami, Daniel Remick, Andrey Kozlov and Marcin F Osuchowski
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2015 3:12
Published on: 7 April 2015

Effects of early hemodynamic resuscitation on left ventricular performance and microcirculatory function during endotoxic shock
Alejandra López,  Juan Carlos Grignola, Martín Angulo, Ignacio Alvez, Nicolás Nin, Gonzalo Lacuesta, Manuel Baz, Pablo Cardinal, Ivana Prestes, Juan P Bouchacourt, Juan Riva, Can Ince and Francisco Javier Hurtado
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2015 3:14
Published on: 8 May 2015

Impairment of neutrophilic glucocorticoid receptor function in patients treated with steroids for septic shock
Maria Bergquist, Catharina Lindholm, Morten Strinnholm, Göran Hedenstierna and Christian Rylander
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2015 3:23
Published on: 28 July 2015

Mechanisms of long-term cognitive dysfunction of sepsis: from blood-borne leukocytes to glial cells
Monique Michels, Amanda V. Steckert, João Quevedo, Tatiana Barichello and Felipe Dal-Pizzol
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2015 3:30
Published on: 29 October 2015


Adrenomedullin: its double-edged sword during sepsis slices yet again
Matthijs Kox and Peter Pickkers
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2014 2:1
Published on: 2 January 2014

Uncontrolled sepsis: a systematic review of translational immunology studies in intensive care medicine
David J Cain, Ana Gutierrez del Arroyo and Gareth L Ackland
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2014 2:6
Published on: 27 February 2014

The effect of vitamin C on plasma volume in the early stage of sepsis in the rat
Björn P Bark and Per-Olof Grände
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2014 2:11
Published on: 6 March 2014

Statins, fibrates, thiazolidinediones and resveratrol as adjunctive therapies in sepsis: could mitochondria be a common target?
Jerome Morel and Mervyn Singer
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2014 2:9
Published on: 17 April 2014

Regulation of lung oxidative damage by endogenous superoxide dismutase in sepsis
Larissa Constantino, Renata Casagrande Gonçalves, Vinícius Renê Giombelli, Cristiane Damiani Tomasi, Francieli Vuolo, Luiza Wilges Kist, Giovanna Medeiros Tavares de Oliveira, Matheus Augusto de Bittencourt Pasquali, Maurício Reis Bogo, Thais Mauad, Adolfo Horn Jr, Karen V Melo, Christiane Fernandes, José Cláudio Fonseca Moreira, Cristiane Ritter and Felipe Dal-Pizzol
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2014 2:17
Published on: 23 May 2014

Effects of glycemic control on glucose utilization and mitochondrial respiration during resuscitated murine septic shock
Josef A Vogt, Ulrich Wachter, Katja Wagner, Enrico Calzia, Michael Gröger, Sandra Weber, Bettina Stahl, Michael Georgieff, Pierre Asfar, Eric Fontaine, Peter Radermacher, Xavier M Leverve and Florian Wagner
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2014 2:19
Published on: 3 June 2014

Early and dynamic changes in gene expression in septic shock patients: a genome-wide approach
Marie-Angélique Cazalis, Alain Lepape, Fabienne Venet, Florence Frager, Bruno Mougin, Hélène Vallin, Malick Paye, Alexandre Pachot and Guillaume Monneret
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2014 2:20
Published on: 20 August 2014

Neutrophil extracellular traps in the host defense against sepsis induced by Burkholderia pseudomallei (melioidosis)
Hanna K de Jong, Gavin CKW Koh, Ahmed Achouiti, Anne J van der Meer, Ingrid Bulder, Femke Stephan, Joris JTH Roelofs, Nick PJ Day, Sharon J Peacock, Sacha Zeerleder and W Joost Wiersinga
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2014 2:21
Published on: 3 September 2014

Brain function in iNOS knock out or iNOS inhibited (l-NIL) mice under endotoxic shock
Hanna Schweighöfer, Christoph Rummel, Konstantin Mayer and Bernhard Rosengarten
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2014 2:24
Published on: 20 September 2014

Sepsis-induced acute kidney injury by standardized colon ascendens stent peritonitis in rats - a simple, reproducible animal model
Martin A Schick, Wolfgang Baar, Sven Flemming, Nicolas Schlegel, Jakob Wollborn, Christopher Held, Reinhard Schneider, Robert W Brock, Norbert Roewer and Christian Wunder
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2014 2:34
Published on: 9 December 2014


Adrenomedullin binding improves catecholamine responsiveness and kidney function in resuscitated murine septic shock
Katja Wagner, Ulrich Wachter, Josef A Vogt, Angelika Scheuerle, Oscar McCook, Sandra Weber, Michael Gröger, Bettina Stahl, Michael Georgieff, Peter Möller, Andreas Bergmann, Frauke Hein, Enrico Calzia, Peter Radermacher and Florian Wagner
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2013 1:2
Published on: 29 October 2013

Activated protein C ameliorates impaired renal microvascular oxygenation and sodium reabsorption in endotoxemic rats
Emre Almac, Tanja Johannes, Rick Bezemer, Egbert G Mik, Klaus E Unertl, AB Johan Groeneveld and Can Ince
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2013 1:5
Published on: 29 October 2013

The metabolic phenotype of rodent sepsis: cause for concern?
Parjam S Zolfaghari, Bernardo Bollen Pinto, Alex Dyson and Mervyn Singer
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2013 1:6
Published on: 29 October 2013

A mouse is not a rat is not a man: species-specific metabolic responses to sepsis - a nail in the coffin of murine models for critical care research?
Peter Radermacher and Philippe Haouzi
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2013 1:7
Published on: 29 October 2013

Effects of the PPAR-β/δ agonist GW0742 during resuscitated porcine septic shock
Martin Wepler, Sebastian Hafner, Angelika Scheuerle, Matthias Reize, Michael Gröger, Florian Wagner, Florian Simon, José Matallo, Frank Gottschalch, Andrea Seifritz, Bettina Stahl, Martin Matejovic, Amar Kapoor, Peter Möller, Enrico Calzia, Michael Georgieff, Ulrich Wachter, Josef A Vogt, Christoph Thiemermann, Peter Radermacher and Oscar McCook
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2013 1:9
Published on: 29 October 2013

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