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Protein content with parenteral nutrition in critical and hospitalized patients with continuous renal replacement therapies


ESPEN Guidelines(2009) about parenteral nutrition in critically ill patients recommended protein content of 1,3-1,5 gr/kgr/d (0,208-0,24 gr N) and energy inputs of 20-25 kcal/kgr/d (80-95 kcal non protein /gN). Recent trials detected underline protein content in the most of critical patients and in special cases of CRRT.


Protein content between 2010-2013 to verify trend to higher protein content and diminished non protein calories. In 2013 we compared the differences between protein content of critical ill patients and hospitalized patients and patients with CRRT.


We used a Data Base ( NUTRIDATA), registered in the pharmacy of our hospital (550 beds) by case and day. During 2010-2013 protein content and parenteral nutrition bags, gr, grN/kgr and Kcal non protein are registered. In the subgroup of CRRT we registered patients with parenteral nutrition, statistically significance about differences in protein content, we used test of student.


Table 1 Number of cases, number of bags, protein content in bags, grN, grN/kgr and Kcal no prot/grN.
Table 2 Protein content parenteral nutrition in critically ill patients vs hospitalized patients. Influence of CRRT.


Increased in protein content between 2010-2013 and diminished calories non proteics /grN. In our hospital we followed the ESPEN Guidelines with important differences in the groups of study and with statistically significant difference.

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