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First Journal Impact Factor 2022: 3.5
Ranking first in ESCI (Critical Care Medicine)

An official journal of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM)

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ICMx Reviews


Knowledge gaps and research priorities in adult veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: a scoping review

Pathophysiology of fluid administration in critically ill patients

T cell dysregulation in inflammatory diseases in ICU

Inhaled nitric oxide: role in the pathophysiology of cardio-cerebrovascular and respiratory diseases

Hydrocephalus and the neuro-intensivist: CSF hydrodynamics at the bedside

Towards a biological definition of ARDS: are treatable traits the solution?


Mesenchymal stem/stromal cell-based therapies for severe viral pneumonia: therapeutic potential and challenges

Towards an ecological definition of sepsis: a viewpoint

Molecular mechanisms of postintensive care syndrome

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign: research priorities for the administration, epidemiology, scoring and identification of sepsis

Sepsis: deriving biological meaning and clinical applications from high-dimensional data

The surviving sepsis campaign: fluid resuscitation and vasopressor therapy research priorities in adult patients


Ischaemic stroke-induced distal organ damage: pathophysiology and new therapeutic strategies

Fluids in ARDS: more pros than cons

Effects of higher PEEP and recruitment manoeuvres on mortality in patients with ARDS: a systematic review, meta-analysis, meta-regression and trial sequential analysis of randomized controlled trials

Extracellular vesicles as regulators of kidney function and disease

Pathophysiology and clinical consequences of arterial blood gases and pH after cardiac arrest

Role of the adaptive immune response in sepsis

Impact of downstream effects of glucocorticoid receptor dysfunction on organ function in critical illness-associated systemic inflammation

H2S in acute lung injury: a therapeutic dead end (?)

Metabolic substrate utilization in stress-induced immune cells

Neuromuscular blocking agents in acute respiratory distress syndrome: updated systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials

Heart failure supported by veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO): a systematic review of pre-clinical models

Update of the organoprotective properties of xenon and argon: from bench to beside

Emerging pharmacological tools to control hydrogen sulfide signaling in critical illness

Carbon monoxide in intensive care medicine—time to start the therapeutic application?!

Top-10 highly accessed papers 2022
Pathophysiology of fluid administration in critically ill patients
Messina, Antonio et al.
Review  4 November 2022

ESICM LIVES 2022: part 2
Abstract  19 October 2022

Towards a biological definition of ARDS: are treatable traits the solution?
Bos, Lieuwe D. J. et al. 
Review  11 March 2022

ESICM LIVES 2022: part 1
Abstract  19 October 2022

Simple, accurate calculation of mechanical power in pressure controlled ventilation (PCV)
Trinkle, Christine A. et al.
Original  30 May 2022

Hydrocephalus and the neuro-intensivist: CSF hydrodynamics at the bedside
Papaioannou, Vasilios et al.
Review  27 May 2022

Sepsis with liver dysfunction and coagulopathy predicts an inflammatory pattern of macrophage activation
Anderko, Renee R. et al.
Original  21 February 2022

Should we continue searching for the single best PEEP?
Depta, Filip et al.
Original  21 March 2022

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    1. ESICM LIVES 2022

      Volume 10 Supplement 2

    2. ESICM LIVES 2021 - Part 2

      Volume 10 Supplement 1

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    1. ESICM LIVES 2021

      Volume 9 Supplement 1

  3. Volume 8

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    1. ESICM LIVES 2020

      Volume 8 Supplement 2

    2. The Fourth International Symposium on Acute Pulmonary Injury and Translation Research (INSPIRES IV)

      Volume 8 Supplement 1

  4. Volume 7

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    1. ESICM LIVES 2019

      Volume 7 Supplement 3

    2. Sepsis 2019

      Volume 7 Supplement 2

    3. Proceedings from the Third International Symposium on Acute Pulmonary Injury and Translational Research (INSPIRES III)

      Volume 7 Supplement 1

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    1. ESICM LIVES 2018

      Volume 6 Supplement 2

    2. Sepsis 2018

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    1. ESICM LIVES 2017

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    2. Sepsis 2017 Paris

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    1. ESICM LIVES 2016

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  8. Volume 3

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    1. ESICM LIVES 2015

      Volume 3 Supplement 1

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    1. ESICM LIVES 2014

      Volume 2 Supplement 1

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Aims and scope

Intensive Care Medicine Experimental (ICMx) is an open access journal specifically dedicated to translational research, aimed at bringing discoveries, potential novel treatments and improved diagnostics closer to the bedside of a critically ill patient. As such, ICMx is uniquely positioned at the intersection of clinical and basic science with a primary focus on the physiology of critical care and emergency medicine. ICMx is intended for all those involved in research aimed at improving emergency care of the critically ill.
ICMx aims at publishing research aspiring to: 1) advance understanding of critical illness pathophysiology, 2) support or enhance clinical trial design, 3) test experimental novel treatment interventions, 4) develop or refine experimental models that are relevant to critical care and acute physiologic derangements.

ICMx welcomes original studies, reviews, hypothesis papers and state-of-the-art methodology papers. We also encourage correspondence pertinent to the works published in ICMx. Editorial comments will be solicited.
  • ICMx is the official journal of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine that is dedicated to translational research
  • ICMx is one of few journals publishing research constructing the pipeline of novel discoveries that can advance critical care
  • The board of ICMx represents physiologists, basic scientists dedicated to ICU medicine and ICU physicians, providing for an ideal platform to bring discoveries to clinical applications in critical care

Nicole Juffermans, Editor-in-Chief

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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