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Critically Ill Setting / Productivity Grid (CISPG): Proposal For Distribution of Productive Time of Intensivists in a Critical Care Medicine Department (CCMD) Considering 'Outreach’

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The distribution of intensivists productive time is a classical controversial subject. However it is true that such a professional can practice their profession both within and outside (outreach) the ICU. It is also true also that intensivists serve patients, teaching and research, as well as consider the clinical management (CM) and the risk management (RM).


To propose a CISPG to distribute the productive time of intensivists both in the ICU and outreach.


Setting - CCMD A) level III, 14 beds; and CCMD B) level IIb, 10 beds.

Definition of ‘productivity’: 1. Assistance (1.1. ICU assistance and 1.2. SDU assistance. 2. Teaching. 3. Research. 4. Risk management (RM). 5. Clinical management (CM).

CCMDs features:

CCMD A: 8 ICU beds and 6 SDU beds. ICU assistance, outreach assistance, teaching, experimental and epidemiological research, RM, and CM.

CCMD B: 6 ICU beds and 4 SDU beds. ICU assistance, outreach assistance, teaching, epidemiological research, RM, and CM.


Abscissas (productivity between 08:00 and 17:00): ICU assistance, outreach, teaching, research, RM, and CM.

Ordinates (setting): ICU, SDU, hospital ward (pre and postcritically iIl), emergency room (precritically ill and CIP)

3 medical professional job categories: senior, chief clinical (CC) and head of CCMD (HD).

Physician on call are not considered.

Annual working time per physician: 1750 hours

Times adjusted to each specific productivity (sum total % = 100).

It is established 1 HD, 1 CC for attending CCMDs a and B, and respectively, 4 and 3 seniors.



The MAPEC facilitates the distribution of specific work time for intensivists attending both the setting and structured productivity.

Table 1 CISPG.


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Correspondence to J Ruiz Moreno.

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