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Figure 5

From: Early brain injury linearly correlates with reduction in cerebral perfusion pressure during the hyperacute phase of subarachnoid hemorrhage

Figure 5

Correlation between hyperacute CPP reduction/peak ICP and early brain injury . A significant positive linear correlation between CPP reduction within the first 3 min after SAH and the total number of the mean of left and right hemispheres TUNEL-positive cells was found in both the basal cortex region (A) as well as the hippocampus formation (B), revealing that neuronal cell death and neurodegeneration are linked to the severity of temporary CPP shortage during the first 3 min of SAH. Peak ICP did not significantly correlate with the number of cells with DNA neither in the basal cortex (C) nor in the hippocampal (D) regions. Graphs include the 95% confidence intervals.

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