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Table 3 Modified MGS scoring system for monitoring of surrogate endpoints and assessment of disease severity in mouse CLP sepsis, adapted from Langford et al. [6]

From: Body temperature and mouse scoring systems as surrogate markers of death in cecal ligation and puncture sepsis

Mouse Grimace Scale (MGS)
Score 0 1 2 3
Orbital tightening Eyes open Eyes slightly closed Eyes half closed Eyes closed
Nose and cheek bulge Normal, flat Slightly rounded extension of skin around nose bridge Wrinkled nose or cheeks, slight bulge in cheeks Obvious, rigid appearing nose and cheek bulge
Ear positioning Ears flat, back against body Ears alert, slightly angled from back Ears partially positioned forward or apart Ears completely erect, far apart
Whisker change Normal Some whiskers erect Whiskers mostly erect or clumping All whiskers standing on end