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Table 1 Physiological parameters of the two-hit lung injury model

From: Antithrombin plus alpha-1 protease inhibitor does not affect coagulation and inflammation in two murine models of acute lung injury

Intervention groupMAP (mmHg)pHLactate (mmol/L)Pinsp (mbar)
T = 2T = 4T = 6T = 2T = 4T = 6T = 2T = 4T = 6T = 2T = 4T = 6
AT + A1PI11498897.587.597.576.335.075.57192021
AT + A1PI + heparin10696787.527.607.576.295.114.18212020
  1. Abbreviations: AT antithrombin, A1PI alpha-1 protease inhibitor, MAP mean arterial pressure, Pinsp inspiratory pressure, T time point in h