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Fig. 3

From: Power to mechanical power to minimize ventilator-induced lung injury?

Fig. 3

Representative curves of transpulmonary pressure (P,L), tidal volume, and volume-P,L curve. VT, tidal volume; ΔP,L, transpulmonary driving pressure; Est,L, static lung elastance. Mechanical energy (Energy,L) was calculated based on the equation described by Guerin et al. [19] and the simplified formula of Marini and Jaber [9] as Energy,L = ΔP,L2/Est,L = ΔP,L2/(ΔP,L/VT) = ΔP,L × VT, which is the area of the rectangle. Therefore, one must compute the area of the rectangle and divide the result by two. This simplified equation estimates elastic work without taking into account resistive properties and PEEP

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