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Volume 3 Supplement 1


Evaluation of severity in critically ill patients (cips) with limitation of life-sustaining therapy (LLST)


It is considered that the severity of CIPs with LLSt is higher than the overall CIPs requiring ICU admission. The identification of specific clinical variables which determine the severity of the CIPs with LLST perhaps has not been researched enough.


  • To asses the severity of the CIPs with LLST in comparison to CIPs with LLS.

  • To evaluate and compare the mortality between two populations.


  • Type of study: prospective, analytical, longitudinal, and observational

  • Period: January 1-2011 / June 30-2014 (42 months)

  • Setting : Medical / Surgical ICU

  • Population: 2559 CIPs admitted consecutively to the ICU; sample: 220 CIPs with LLST.

  • Exclusión criteria: CIPs < 16 y., major burn CIPs, incomplete clinical documentation, and voluntary discharge.

  • Variables analyzed:

  1. a)


  2. b)

    Hospital mortality

  3. c)

    Case - mix: severe sepsis, metabolic acidosis, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), oncological pathology, intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), blood products, cultures, cardiac continous output (CCO), advanced life support (ALS) before LLTS applied, FGC, FBC.

  • Statistical analysis: Ji squared and contrast of means (Student's t)


See tables 1 and 2.

Table 1 Results 1.
Table 2 Results II.


  • More than 50 % of CIPs with LLST die.

  • According to all clinical variables, SS, metabolic acidosis, TPN, IAP, blood products, cultures, ALS, FGC, FBC, and cardiac output are much higher in CIPs with LLST.


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  2. 2.

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