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Volume 3 Supplement 1


Distribution of critically ill patients (CIP) with severe sepsis (SS) according to the major diagnostic categories (MDC) of the diagnosis-related groups (DRG)


Apart from financial purposes (cost accounting), DRG as case - mix system are not used for obtaining competitive advantage. MDC can be useful to classify the SS; if so, it is possible to assign each focus of sepsis to a specific category, which is important from a socio-economic perspective.


  • Identify which MDCs encompasses a greater or lesser number of CIPs con SS.

  • Find out which MDC incorporating CIPs with SS carries a higher an average relative weight (RW).


  • Type of Study: prospective, analytical, longitudinal, and observational

  • Period: January 1-2011 / June 30-2014 (42 months)


Medical/Surgical ICU

  • Population: 2559 CIPs admitted consecutively to the ICU; sample: 484 CIPs.

  • Exclusión criteria: CIPs < 16 y., major burn CIPs, incomplete clinical documentation, and voluntary discharge.

  • DRG AP-DRG 25.0 version (684 DRG are grouped into 25 MDC and 1 extra MDC).

  • Depending on the focus of sepsis, SS related to MDC '0' (precategoría) are transferred to another MDC.

  • MDC: 1 (neurology), 2 (eye), 3 (ear, nose, mouth, throat), 4 (respiratory), 5 (circulatory), 6 (digestive, 7 (hepatobiliary & pancreas), 8 (musculoskeletal & connective), 9 (skin & breast), 10 (endocrine), 11 (urinary tract), 12 (male reproductive), 13 (female reproductive), 14 (pregnancy & childbirth), 15 (newborn), 16: (blood & immunological), 17 (mMyeloproliferative), 18 (infectious), 19 (mental), 20 (alcohol / drug), 21 (Injuries & poison), 22 (burns), 23 (factors influencing health status), 24 (HIV), 25 (PLT), 0 (PreMed, miscellany)


See Tables 1, 2 and 3.

Table 1 Results I
Table 2 Results II.
Table 3 Results III.

Excluded MDCs (< 8 DRG with SS): '2', '3', '4', '12','13', '14', '15', '16', '17', '19', '20', '21', '22', '23', '24' y '25'


  • 16 MDC do not identify SS (or less than 8 DRG).

  • MDC '6', '4' and '7' carry more SS, that, it respectively, correspond to the septic focus abdominal, respiratory, and biliopancreatic.

  • MDC '4' and '6' show the highest RW


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